Right, Justice and Truth Prevail

Justice, truth and one’s right always prevail. Their time will come when we work and fight for them. Windrush debacle brings truth, justice and rights into reality and ont the forefront of the political scene, which can’t be ignored anymore.

It’s a long time this has been going on, past and present government knew what was happening. However, it’s no use being bitter, get what’s rightfully yours and get on with life.

Even though I had an old British Passport to show when I travelled in and out of the country, which I never stayed out longer than six months, some years back many times I’d refused entry by immigration officers, and threatened with deportation. Although I had all the required documentation, I had to fight and prove; I didn’t come under the new rulings. So, ask this question, how many people who had the right to live here have been refused entry and deported?

Because people can refuse and hinder they will. It’s up to the individual to persist and prevail, so stand up persist and fight for what‘s rightfully yours. ©kb’s

To Brexit or to Stay In

Some European friend asked me how I am going to vote in the UK-EU referendum. That is a question not only the majority of people in the UK and Europe is asking and contemplating, whether to be in, or to be out of the EU. I told my European friends I really don’t know how I am going to vote. I haven’t yet made up my mind. The politicians don’t know what will happen, and if the people in the UK vote leave the EU neither are they able to predict the outcome. This referendum has split political parties, and has brought political enemies to join forces. One side says vote to stay in, and the other side says, vote to get out. Both sides are spreading fear and scaring people. They keep repeating and spinning the same panic about what might or might not happen.

Those who want to stay in, scares people about the uncertainties of leaving, and about the financial risks that is involved. The leave EU campaigner’s side is telling people how much money UK could save when we leave, how UK could have the right to trade with other countries freely, and how the UK could have a more secure border. If the UK vote to get out of the EU, the truth is, no one really knows what will happen or what will not happen.

The controversy in the UK to leave the EU is cause by the EU ministers, who constantly bring in new rules, and regulations, some good, and some seem rather balmy. The majority of politicians seldom considers the opinions of people they regard as ordinary who voted them into power. Politicians have a habit of not listening to public opinions, and EU minister is no different. They alienate the ordinary man and women with EU directives, regulations, and policies people don’t like and disregard the majority of people’s opinions and views. For those reasons, if the UK votes to leave the EU another European country might feel they too should hold a referendum to leave. That is when unseen consequences will rear its head.

The other question; is the EU ministers listening and paying attention to what the people in the UK who want to leave the EU is saying.

I have lived and worked in different countries in Europe, I would like other young people in the UK to have the same opportunity to live and work freely in all of Europe. I have families in Europe and many European friends. All of that helps me to make up my mind to vote for staying in. KB