Could be an exciting enterprising time

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Now could be an exciting enterprising time

We could now be in one of the most exciting and enterprising times. Which point toward, entrepreneurial vision, adventures and exploration.

It’s time for removing obstacles, barriers and to push back against setbacks.

It’s a time for exploration to find ideas, and solutions that is required, and needed for now, and in the future.

It’s time not to be afraid of taking risks in the face of any adversity.

There’s so many good things going on right now. Those who are open-minded should be  ablet see the big picture of what is taking place which can be of  benefit to them.

Many businesses, industries, and people who haven’t kept up with what is taking place, at this moment in time, is failing. Others who are more open-minded, visionary and enterprising, are making money, and prospering.

Being ddisciplined following some basic rules and principles, is also important no as always is a great way to make money during this time.

What is so significant, many things haven’t changed that much in their use? Most service and products, are modernise or update, and new technological advance have made changes to things.

It’s how products and services are developed and delivered which creates more profits. Most products and services are oriented towards a Worldwide larger consumer base. These are what enterprising visionary entrepreneurs have done with products and service to become wealthy. They come up with ideas which makes more, and more money. Furthermore, another advantage, although many things are still functional as in an old way, many new things seldom last for a longer period time.

Technology has improved and enhanced the development of new things. New diverse technologies, and projects will be developed for the future, further advancement, growth and profit. Even so, it takes imagination, investment, long-term commitments and determination to make sure all new technology and service usable for generating wealth © KB’s

Success can achieve doing good, and the right things.

Whatever you’re doing should be moving you to where you’d like to be. If you feel, you haven’t moved towards where you’d like to be, or feeling unsuccessful with whatever you’re doing. Stop for a while and find the cause why you aren’t moving toward success, and to where you’d like to be. Just keep saying you feel like doing this, you believe you should have whatever you need, and do not do what is necessary to achieve what you need. You won’t achieve what you need. Find what will work to move you towards having success and to achieve what you need.

Look at every obstacle, every setback, difficulties, hardship and failures, not to break you, or to prevent you from achieving your objectives. Often they come to strengthen us. We have to overcome them and learn from them how to do things better.

You may not have all the success you desire, it seems almost impossible to have success from everything you think, from every idea you have, and from everything you do. Nevertheless, be assured in every good idea success is imbedded.

The more seed you plant and nurture for having success the more chances you’re creating for achieving success.

Enjoy what you’re doing, believe in what you’re doing, be persistent, keep doing and keep going.

How you measure your success is another matter for you.

  • Develop a strong belief, have strong faith you can become successful.
  • Allow yourself to see things from different perspectives.
  • Keep imagining you’re successful.
  • Transfer that imagination onto what you’ll be doing, sees it as a success.
  • Work and attract success to you.
  • Keep working, keep doing things that will make you successful.
  • Keep looking for anything that can make you successful.
  • Find things which can fulfil hopes, wishes, and dreams.
  • Seize every opportunity, use every possibility which you feel and believe will make a success.
  • Solve every problem which you find yourself in.
  • After you’ve achieved success, prepare to fight for keeping it. kb’s

Starting Point

Achieving dreams and desires, and making your life better, takes an effort with applied know-how, and in those processes, it’s possible to make mistakes as well as fortunes. This is when correct thinking and imagining can help to avoid many mistakes and can lead to mistakes, unexpected opportunities for chances and fortunes to be your companion.

What is crucial is how you react to the unexpected problem and difficulties as they arise, and what you do with opportunities to create something wonderful?

Whatever you want to accomplish, starts with knowing what you can do doing, and using whatever is your ability for achieving successful accomplishments. It’s up to you to make the most of your effort to get the most out of yourself, and out of life. This involves doing what’s right and different things which will contribute to successful accomplishments.

It’s not my intention to tell anyone what to do, or not to do. Neither, do I intend to force anyone how to live his or her lives. Nevertheless, other people have helped and guide me. If I can pass on and share positive information to anyone who wants to try to make him or herself financially successful and happier. I believe I should?

Start making self assessment

Because no one person can do everything on their own to become successful, we all need help and guidance from experts. Someone who may have travelled down that path we would like to travel. Someone who knows the right thing to do for empowering ourselves.

There was that time when I found myself in difficulties and hardship. I lost my business, and a place to live. I lost my way, and got stuck in remorse, making excuses, going nowhere. A friend of mine who was a psychologist and business adviser gave me a self-assessment test, which helped me to find myself to empower my potential.

That test has helped me. It might be helpful to you for guiding you to find your true potential, and what you enjoy and love to do. I’ve made some update. Print out the questions and write out the answers truthfully.

  • Start with being direct, honest and objective with yourself. Other people will ask you how you feel, without hesitation you give an answer which might not be how you really feel.
  • Ask yourself how are you really feeling?
  • Think and consider how you should really feel.
  • What excites you the most you’d love to achieve from a young age. Be open-minded, realistic, and describe how you feel about it now?
  • How do you see yourself at present?
  • Think what you’d like to accomplish.
  • What are your other priorities?
  • What do you feel and believe is most interesting and unique about you?
  • What is your present expectation?
  • What have you been successful in doing?
  • Especially if things aren’t going well for you, are you willing to make a drastic change, and take a new approach?
  • We often do things which don’t excite us, or isn’t competent in doing.
  • What doesn’t excite you doing?
  • What you don’t feel competent doing?
  • What satisfaction you get from doing things?
  • What do you feel will make you feel fulfilled and rewarding doing?
  • Do you really know and understand the goals you’re trying to achieve?
  • Do you truly believe in them?
  • Which one of your goal do you feel is important and must give immediate attention?
  • Why do you want to achieve that goal immediate?
  • What do you feel will be your biggest and immediate challenge?
  • Are you prepared to face and overcome those challenges and whatever other obstacle which will arrive?
  • What abilities and skill you have to achieve your goals?
  • What action are you prepared to take for specific achievements?
  • Will it matter the kind of action you will have to take?
  • How long are you prepared to work, to see your labours bear fruits from your goals?

Everyone should try to know what they need and have to do. Start by asking oneself what is their ultimate aim in life. What do you intend to do and would like to achieve. Is it to keep yourself healthy. Is it to progress, become successful and make money to live in opulence? You are the person who can answer those questions.

The choice and the decision is yours, it falls on you to choose and decide how you are going to fulfil and realise your dreams. It falls on you, how you’re going to utilise you potential and capabilities, making a difference in achieving dreams for you to improve and progress, or not.

Before, you start stepping on the ladder that will take you where successful achievements are made. Take this into consideration, it will take effort which is labour, and time to climb that ladder. It will be like you’re reaching for something out of your reach which you’ll have to put in enough energy to reach. You’ll need to be dedicated, persistence with determination and commitment. To achieve your dreams and desires, you’ll have to start thinking and imagine in the positive ways of progressing up that ladder.

When you learn how to think and imagine positively and develop the knowledge of climbing the ladder towards success. With effort, time, dedication, commitment, persistence and determination reaching the top of the ladder where success is, you can achieve success. Nonetheless, the reality of trying to accomplish a certain thing is always harder than first anticipated. ©KB’s


Time Management


Time can appear to be short and pass quickly. Don’t get caught up entangled in limitations, and say you haven’t got time. When you proficiently manage time, by organising, prioritising and allocate time to do the most important things. You’ll be able to get more done.

  • Manage time wisely, Feel, Believe And do More.
  • Focus, and envision what you have to do, and where you want to go.

 Think of transforming your life ?

  • Having the knowledge of what you’re doing. With determination, it’s possible you’ll achieve it much easier.
  • Doing things to transform your life, your life will be transform.
  • Don’t try to do everything, enlist and hire competent people to do things you’re unable to do. ©KB

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You Owe Yourself and Your Family To Eat Healthy Meals

Although sometime is can be difficult to prepare and cook fresh meals every day. You owe it to yourself and your family to eat healthy to live a long vigorous flourishing life. Eating out and having fast food and takeaways is really no substitute for home cooking fresh food. However, eating out doesn’t mean the food is unhealthy. It means the food you are going to eat out, you have no control over how it is sourced, prepared and cooked. Still, you can check that the food you are going to eat out in restaurants or fast food if it is nutritious and healthy.

Whenever you buy ready-made food for you and your family to eat, check that the food haven’t got too much added salt, saturated fat, (oil) and sugar. Added sugars and salt is defined as extra sugars and salt used in processed or prepared foods to sweeten beverages, fruit drinks, dairy products, desserts, candy, ready-to-eat cereals, cakes and breads, not natural sugar found in fruits and fruit juices. Make the effort to cut down on the intake of too much salt, fat and sugar.

Radically change what you eat, and think about what you are going to eat. Add more herbs, spices and lemon as a substitute for salt. Use more garlic, chilli, black pepper and thyme in seasoning. Be aware that fresh herbs also add colour and flavour to food.

You don’t have to prepare and cook a balance diet every day, neither does it have to take too long or expensive. If you haven’t got the time to cook every day and are going to cook food from scratch, the trick is to buy enough food, for you to prepare and cook enough to leave for other days. Don’t discard or throw away leftover. Leftover can be used other days to turn into stews, soups and curries.

You can freeze leftover to use sometime later, and at the same time you can save on groceries. You can also prepare quick and easy food such as salads, pasta, steam vegetables, grilled meat and fish. Mediterranean and Jamaican food is regarded as nutritious and healthy. Medical research in food science says Mediterranean diet is food which consist of olive oil, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, seafood, white meats, and an occasional drink of red wine with meals. These studies showed that this diet also is effective in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes, and consuming nuts and fresh vegetables can significantly reduced high blood pressure and major cardiovascular problems (stroke, heart attack which can cause sudden death.)

You might find buying frozen, and tinned prepared food better than cooking from scratch, but try to avoid processed food which is high in salt, sugar and saturated fat. Research shows that is better for our health to eat the leanest meat, more vegetables, fruits, nuts whole grain. Extra and overripe fruits is also can use for making smoothie.




Eat and Drink to Keep Healthy

KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes volume 1 Volume 2 will soon be out.

The majority of people would like to live healthy and a very long prosperous happy life. Eating the right kind of nutritious food, especially fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts can enhance your chance of living a healthier longer life. When fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nut blended together in a food processor, nutrients are released that will be easily absorbed in the digestive system to help enhance energy, and will prevent certain diseases from affecting the body. Research shows that juice, and smoothie, drink immediately or at least 15-20 minutes after extraction is more nutritious. Keeping fresh juice and smoothie in an airtight container in the fridge up to 6 hours, it  will not lose it’s nutrition.

KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Vol 2 will soon be out.

Soursop 3
SourSop Continue reading “Eat and Drink to Keep Healthy”

Be more Productive and Achieve Successful Results

You might feel starved of opportunities and chances for you to become successful. However, how you look upon becoming successful is up to you. If you think, feel, and believe you can be a success, you can accomplish success by doing something practical. It is not what you say you are going to do, success is measured in what you have successfully done, with what you have invented or produced and have achieved. Then you can measure how successful you are.

You can be easily be overwhelmed by choices and the decisions you have made about what you have to do and want to accomplish. Believe that everything is possible, and work to make it possible. Doing and accomplishing the possibilities takes belief in you, focus, motivation, enthusiasm, faith, and momentum. Choices, decisions, action, and time will bring results and success.

Lack of focus, lack of clarity and direction will make you lose interest and the impetus to be more productive. When you have lost interest, and the incentive to be productive, be honest and sincere with yourself that you are not able to do what you need to do to be productive and successful. Get out of inertia by resetting and change your mind-set. Free yourself from all distractions, re-energize, and fire up yourself to take the right kind of action that will make you more productive.

Some of the other most important things you will have to do, to become more productive, are to allocate time to work decisively on with what you are doing, and keep attending to doing it. You will also need a plan, and strategies to complete and achieve specific projects and goals within an allocated time. Take decisive actions at the time, which you have allocated to complete each project. Each day, focus on the most important project, which has to be completed, and keep taking decisive, relentless action to complete what you have started. © KB

Is Soursop and Moringa the New Herbal Wonder Medicine

Is Soursop and Moringa the New Herbal Wonder Medicine ?

Free to try KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes.

Some of the fruits mention in the Jamaican and Caribbean Cookbook such as Soursop (Graviola) Soursop

and Moringa is now being turned into herbal medicines. Graviola, known as Soursop in Jamaica, also found some other Caribbean islands, South America, in the Amazon jungle and in Africa.

Graviola (soursop)leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties. However, there is no special scientific evidence to prove that these works as a cure for cancer or whatever they are presumed to do. Nevertheless, some laboratory studies say that the extracts from Soursop (Graviola) contains many chemicals that may be active against cancer, which might be able to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant particular to chemotherapy drugs. Still, there haven’t been any proven studies to know for sure whether Soursop can work as a cancer treatment or not. Nevertheless, some recent scientific studies suggest that it is packed with a particularly potent antioxidant compound known as Annonaceous Acetogenins an active constituent which can support healthy cell growth. In addition, soursop can be used for its calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood. Juice used as a refreshing a drink and for desert.


Moringa has become is one of the most sought after product for curing many ailments. The Moringa plant (also known as the Horseradish tree) contains high levels of a compound called phytonutrients which can help to flush out toxins from the body and purify the liver to leave you feeling better. Moringa extract has been shown to help rejuvenate the body and cell to a higher level. Extracts of Moringa are packed into capsules for detox formula.

Moringa Oleifera has been grown in Jamaica for the oil from the seed which was used as a lubricant for jewellery. As long as I can remember the Indians in Jamaica have been using Moringa in curry and soup. The bark and roots have been used in Jamaica to treat rheumatism, and as an antiseptic. The leaves and roots are also used for strengthening the lungs and to restore sexual function. It is believed that Moringa can also help to relax muscles and calming the nervous system, and prevents insomnia. Moringa is also used today as a Diuretic, a Purgative, an Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory medicine.

Moringa leaves have been widely used for many years in many countries to cure different ailments. In India, Egypt, and the Far East, Moringa Oleifera has a long history of medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic use. In Jamaica Moringa is used by many people young and old to boost Immune system and to sustain physical fitness and to rejuvenate energy.

In India juice from the leaves is believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and it is also used to treat anxiety. In Senegal an infusion of the leaves is believed to control glucose levels in people with Diabetes. In India and Nicaragua the leaves are rubbed into the temples for the relief of headaches. In the Philippines and in India a dressing is made from the leaves and is applied to reduce glandular swelling. It has also been used to treat Ear and Eye infections, Catarrh, Scurvy, Bronchitis, Anaemia and fevers. Learn more about the use of Moringa. Search for Moringa Oleifera on Google or at these websites or