Could Eating Curries, Three Times a Week Lower The Risk of Early Death?

A study by Harvard University say that people who ate spicy food and curry three times a week cut their risk of dying prematurely by 14 per cent, compared with people who abstained from eating spicy food and curries. Although the researchers at Harvard University can’t definitively say for certain that eating hot spicy food has a protective effect on living longer. More dietary research is being done for further assessment, and recommendations. Nevertheless, another research and investigation has shown that eating curry, fresh chilli and spicy foods weekly seem to have a lower risk of death from cancer, a deficiency of red blood cells, heart disease, and diabetes. This research has shown that fresh chilli is filled with vitamins, nutrients and capsaicin which a colourless pungent crystalline compound derives from hot chilli, believed can fight cancer, inflammation and obesity. Nevertheless, future research is still needed to establish whether eating spicy food has the potential to improve health and reduce mortality directly or indirectly, or if other factors are involved, such as diet and lifestyle. This news should be good for people who like to eat spicy and hot food, and those who love to cook with spices, curry and hot chilli pepper, because there is some evidence which shows that eating spicy foods have some health benefits, even if to keep food preserved longer. There are some benefits from cooking with curry and spices; they enhance the smell, taste and colour of the food. Eating a balanced, varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will help in keeping good health.

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