Is Soursop and Moringa the New Herbal Wonder Medicine

Is Soursop and Moringa the New Herbal Wonder Medicine ?

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Some of the fruits mention in the Jamaican and Caribbean Cookbook such as Soursop (Graviola) Soursop

and Moringa is now being turned into herbal medicines. Graviola, known as Soursop in Jamaica, also found some other Caribbean islands, South America, in the Amazon jungle and in Africa.

Graviola (soursop)leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties. However, there is no special scientific evidence to prove that these works as a cure for cancer or whatever they are presumed to do. Nevertheless, some laboratory studies say that the extracts from Soursop (Graviola) contains many chemicals that may be active against cancer, which might be able to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant particular to chemotherapy drugs. Still, there haven’t been any proven studies to know for sure whether Soursop can work as a cancer treatment or not. Nevertheless, some recent scientific studies suggest that it is packed with a particularly potent antioxidant compound known as Annonaceous Acetogenins an active constituent which can support healthy cell growth. In addition, soursop can be used for its calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood. Juice used as a refreshing a drink and for desert.


Moringa has become is one of the most sought after product for curing many ailments. The Moringa plant (also known as the Horseradish tree) contains high levels of a compound called phytonutrients which can help to flush out toxins from the body and purify the liver to leave you feeling better. Moringa extract has been shown to help rejuvenate the body and cell to a higher level. Extracts of Moringa are packed into capsules for detox formula.

Moringa Oleifera has been grown in Jamaica for the oil from the seed which was used as a lubricant for jewellery. As long as I can remember the Indians in Jamaica have been using Moringa in curry and soup. The bark and roots have been used in Jamaica to treat rheumatism, and as an antiseptic. The leaves and roots are also used for strengthening the lungs and to restore sexual function. It is believed that Moringa can also help to relax muscles and calming the nervous system, and prevents insomnia. Moringa is also used today as a Diuretic, a Purgative, an Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory medicine.

Moringa leaves have been widely used for many years in many countries to cure different ailments. In India, Egypt, and the Far East, Moringa Oleifera has a long history of medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic use. In Jamaica Moringa is used by many people young and old to boost Immune system and to sustain physical fitness and to rejuvenate energy.

In India juice from the leaves is believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and it is also used to treat anxiety. In Senegal an infusion of the leaves is believed to control glucose levels in people with Diabetes. In India and Nicaragua the leaves are rubbed into the temples for the relief of headaches. In the Philippines and in India a dressing is made from the leaves and is applied to reduce glandular swelling. It has also been used to treat Ear and Eye infections, Catarrh, Scurvy, Bronchitis, Anaemia and fevers. Learn more about the use of Moringa. Search for Moringa Oleifera on Google or at these websites or

Could Eating Curries, Three Times a Week Lower The Risk of Early Death?

A study by Harvard University say that people who ate spicy food and curry three times a week cut their risk of dying prematurely by 14 per cent, compared with people who abstained from eating spicy food and curries. Although the researchers at Harvard University can’t definitively say for certain that eating hot spicy food has a protective effect on living longer. More dietary research is being done for further assessment, and recommendations. Nevertheless, another research and investigation has shown that eating curry, fresh chilli and spicy foods weekly seem to have a lower risk of death from cancer, a deficiency of red blood cells, heart disease, and diabetes. This research has shown that fresh chilli is filled with vitamins, nutrients and capsaicin which a colourless pungent crystalline compound derives from hot chilli, believed can fight cancer, inflammation and obesity. Nevertheless, future research is still needed to establish whether eating spicy food has the potential to improve health and reduce mortality directly or indirectly, or if other factors are involved, such as diet and lifestyle. This news should be good for people who like to eat spicy and hot food, and those who love to cook with spices, curry and hot chilli pepper, because there is some evidence which shows that eating spicy foods have some health benefits, even if to keep food preserved longer. There are some benefits from cooking with curry and spices; they enhance the smell, taste and colour of the food. Eating a balanced, varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will help in keeping good health. Continue reading “Could Eating Curries, Three Times a Week Lower The Risk of Early Death?”