Our Brain Is The Central Foundation For Building Anthying

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Your brain and mind is the central foundation of your whole being for you to develop and create anything. Our brain and mind is our own property to utilize with care and love, which will enable us to imagine, to think and to act. Because your brain is your own fertile property, others may try to control you and your brain, but only if you allow them. However, even if they try to control your brain and mind, it will still be always your own property. Prepare yourself the best you can with dedication, and do not allow your brain and mind to stay idle and stagnate. Develop them, and control them to work for your self-improvement to create whatever you think of creating and building. Use the brain and mind to overcome inhibitions and negative mental attitudes and stay true to yourself. Utilize your brain to empower yourself to get the most out of you. Broaden your horizon and allow yourself and mind to grow positively, by enriching yourself with the right kind of knowledge for using to bring about the things you desire most. Furthermore, be aware that the brain and mind works best in peace and harmony with awareness, truth, and honesty.



Our Purpose in Life.

Our Purpose in Life.

It is believed that our purpose in life is to live and work to fulfil our hopes, dreams, our goals, wishes, and desire, and to grow, develop and progress. All of this depends on what each individual is willing to do and will do to achieve and fulfil one’s purpose in life. Wherever we want to go in life, and whatever we need to do, there is always a “correct or wrong path to take and to do things.” Often many of us end up taking the wrong path, or do the wrong things because we do not know which the right path to take is, or which the right thing to do is. Likewise, there is always a ‘right way’ to go about making dreams, desires, goals, hopes, and wishes into a reality, but many of us have never learned the right way how to accomplish and realize hopes, desires, goals and dreams. Visualising, seeing and focusing on dreams and goals, and where you want them and you to be in the future can motivate you to work for the completion of goals for achieving desirable results. Positive mental imagining can broaden one’s vision and concept, and then activates one into action.

None of us can learn everything, neither can anyone do everything, but we have the power and potential to learn many things, we also have the potential and are capable of doing certain things to achieve a great amount of good results. None of us can stop the aging process, but we have the power to keep ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, and strong. We also have the potential to create and achieve a healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

Individually, you need to keep motivating yourself to do the things that will make you a more progressive healthier, stronger and a more successful person to bring you to where you would like to be life. You will also need to keep updating and upgrade what you have learned in the past. You might also have to acquire new knowledge and new skills for the present and in the future for arriving at a successful outcome. Synopsis is from Book Mind process and Formulas on sale at www.amazon.com www.trafford.com


Is This Chapter of The Greek Drama Ending?

Greece is on the path to get the funds to bail them out, so that their banks can open again. However, since there isn’t something for nothing, what and how much they have to give up for getting the funds they need is another matter which they have to decide. The Greek parliament will have to approve the economic reforms demanded from its creditors, which some of the Greek ministers call a humiliating climb down by the prime minister who might have to face a rebellion from his government for accepting a harsh austerity programme from the EU, as the price for a new €86bn bailout to keep Greece in the Eurozone. If they don’t approve, we could see the next chapter of this drama. http://www.mindprocess.co.uk/blog/

There’s Always a Chance to Overcome Feeling of Despair.

Even when we are feeling defeated, lost, burdened, and tired with setbacks and problems; there is always a chance to overcome those feelings and conditions. Progressive unseen forces are always at work, evidently when we think positive and do good things in some way those forces come to our assistance and bring good opportunities to change unfortunate and unpleasant situations, so that we can make some kind of progressive achievement and advancement.

The brains have been designed to learn and relearn for achieving great accomplishments for us to progress and advance. Therefore, if we put our brain to learn we can learn from every situation, every condition, from what went wrong, and what didn’t wor. We can learn from problems and conflicts. If we allow our brain to function effectively at its best, it will force us to keep re-thinking about what we set out to accomplish to keep doing it better for achieving some kind of successful results.

In times of financial upheaval and hardship, the people who are poor may feel they are at a disadvantage and have no chance of having some money. Many may feel they are trapped in insurmountable financial difficulties they can’t get out of. Many people have never used their brain to unlock the secrets of making their dreams and desires come to fruition. Apparently, when you learn the proper way how to empower your brain and mind, you can discover opportunities and ideas to create some kind of financial success and a life of happiness.The purpose and aim of Book Mind Process and Formulas, hopefully is to empower, encourage, inspire and invigorate in some way to triumph over overwhelming odds, adversity and misfortune. kb  http://www.mindprocess.co.uk/newsletter

The Greeks Vote No

The Greeks referendum result came in, and they vote no to no more austerity, which seem to surprise the rent a pundit who were peddling that the Greeks wanted out of the EEC, and the Euro which is so far from the truth. What they fail to acknowledge, as a reggae song I heard goes. I can’t take it any more, mi cry, and mi cry until mi no have no more water in mi eyes,  mi can’t take it anymore. That is what the Greeks have been saying they can’t take anymore austerity.