The Power of Love and Forgiveness

After the shooting of black people worshiping in their church, some people ask, after all that hurt and pain, why forgive? What love and forgiveness have proven. The amount of hatred and racism black people in South Carolina, black people in South Africa and all over the world have the power to love and forgive. The amount of pain and hurt some ignorant, hostile white racist have inflicted on black people, the majority of black people is still filled with love, and is able to forgive them.

It is so easy to become angry and hate, and then take up arms and go for revenge. But at the end a mind and heart that is filled with bitterness that wants revenge will find there is a price to pay which does not worth it. Forgiveness works on different spiritual levels. Here, it makes those who are trying to peddle their super racist agenda realise that their agenda is bankrupt and can’t work anymore with the vast majority of white people, and the black people they are trying to scare. Love and forgiveness have unleashed their power to conquer vile hate and hostility.

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