Greek Drama Continues

Is this the endgame of the Greek and Euro play? Is it brinkmanship of the Greeks playing the game of chicken between the others in the Eurozone? Are the Greeks really trying to default on the €1.5bn it owes the International Monetary Fund? Let’s see who is going to blink first and change course. What is happening here, rough politics are being played out? The Greeks have to decide either to accept austerity measures for having a bailout and staying a member of the Eurozone, or leave the Euro Club.

The Power of Love and Forgiveness

After the shooting of black people worshiping in their church, some people ask, after all that hurt and pain, why forgive? What love and forgiveness have proven. The amount of hatred and racism black people in South Carolina, black people in South Africa and all over the world have the power to love and forgive. The amount of pain and hurt some ignorant, hostile white racist have inflicted on black people, the majority of black people is still filled with love, and is able to forgive them.

It is so easy to become angry and hate, and then take up arms and go for revenge. But at the end a mind and heart that is filled with bitterness that wants revenge will find there is a price to pay which does not worth it. Forgiveness works on different spiritual levels. Here, it makes those who are trying to peddle their super racist agenda realise that their agenda is bankrupt and can’t work anymore with the vast majority of white people, and the black people they are trying to scare. Love and forgiveness have unleashed their power to conquer vile hate and hostility.


Condolences to families and friend who lose loved one in South Carolina.

Racist white supremacists fail to realise the world has changed. They can’t impose their fail superiority complex anymore over black people. They have to get over their arrogance and racism, or find a world where they alone can live.

Greek Drama are Been Played Out

The Greek debt drama is being played between the Greek government, European Central Bank and IMF seem to be entering its final act. Africa, the Caribbean and South America have played out that drama. Which was more a horror story than a drama? Apparently, it seem at the end of it all, many of those who have written and orchestrating the offbeat script won’t be paid.

We are Being Tested All the Time

In some way or another life and other people are always testing our emotions, our strength and weaknesses, our faith and beliefs, our devotion and determination, our confidence and expectation, and it’s up to us to pass those test.

A Valuable Lesson

Use this as a valuable lesson in life; learn from your struggles, learn from every situation and every phase you are going through in life. Sometime circumstances and adversity can make it hard for you to get out of the rut you are in to live the kind of life you’ve craved for. You might be faced with dire situations, and have to struggle to change those situations. You will be challenged, and it will appear that opportunities seem harder to come by. The idea of surrendering to those situations will seem easier than to keep struggling. Nonetheless, instead of thinking of letting go, and giving up, be aware that you have the power to take the kind of action that is needed to make changes in your life. Hence, do everything that is possible to change every situation you find yourself in which you don’t like.

Learn to deal with problematic situations, and how to resolve them effectively. Be aware that the problem and the situation you are dealing with probably won’t be resolved immediately, and possibly not even in the time you expect it to resolve. You may not be using the right tools and so it will take a longer time to resolve. Things are constantly changing, and it’s up to you to be resilient in finding the right tool to use for resolving, and finding better opportunities. Therefore, rather than focusing on what you may regard has bad luck, focus on the bigger picture on how to create better opportunities. Think of how to implement positive ideas and inspiration to resolve and make something tangible out of every opportunity and every situation where you find yourself.

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Good News For FIFA

Good news for those who had taken out the hatchet for Blatter, he decides to step down and clean up FIFA act. Nevertheless, bad habits are hard to overcome. Loads of money will be still passing around, and it might be hard for those who are taking over to resist the temptation of pocketing some of that money.

China’s Smoking Ban

It is good news for the health conscious people who believe smoking is bad for health that another country China, is banning smoking in some form in all indoor spaces, including offices and factories, but is it bad news for the tobacco companies? There are individuals will still keep on smoking.