Conservatives Won

Now that the election is over, the Conservatives won in England, and SNP won in Scotland, every other party in the land lost. Labour lost most of it seat in Scotland barring one. The Liberal Democrat vote collapsed to only eight seat in parliment. The Conservative have been sharpening axes, knives, and cutlasses waiting for this moment. They desiminate the Liberal Democrats. They will now believe the voters have given them the mandate, to cut as much as they like And, so some people in the society is worried and fear another five years of Conservative rule in austerity and cutting. Naturally jobs will lost, and it will be very hard for some people who have lost their jobs to find a new one that pays enough money to make ends meet. For now, all we can do is wait to see the outcome of what they are going to cut.

Denmark Wants Cashless Society

Denmark is deciding to allow shops to refuse cash

Denmark is making a decision to allow shops to refuse cash, could it be they get a feeling the euro is going to reach rock-bottom, or is collapsing, so they have to start changing the rules from using hard cash to some other kind of payment. The Danish government reason is, cash is a financial administrative burden and is costly to maintain. In most countries in the world, hard cash has been used as a currency for trading and to exchange for everything else. So why now the Danish government comes to the conclusion of a cashless society unless they have some hidden agenda?

Another reason some give is that cash facilitates black economy and crime. Because they can see anything paid for through bank and credit cards they want to go the route of a cashless society. Government in general, have no control over the money people hold in cash, and stash away in mattresses and safe deposit box, so get rid of hard cash is ideal for them to know how much money you are spending.