Time Management


Time can appear to be short and pass quickly. Don’t get caught up entangled in limitations, and say you haven’t got time. When you proficiently manage time, by organising, prioritising and allocate time to do the most important things. You’ll be able to get more done.

  • Manage time wisely, Feel, Believe And do More.
  • Focus, and envision what you have to do, and where you want to go.

 Think of transforming your life ?

  • Having the knowledge of what you’re doing. With determination, it’s possible you’ll achieve it much easier.
  • Doing things to transform your life, your life will be transform.
  • Don’t try to do everything, enlist and hire competent people to do things you’re unable to do. ©KB

Take Charge of What You Want to Achieve

I take the opportunity writing to you, the aim is for you to try your best effort to stay healthy, and to become successful and prosperous in the coming year. If you enjoy articles, share it with f…

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Take Charge of What You Want to Achieve

I take the opportunity writing to you, the aim is for you to try your best effort to stay healthy, and to become successful and prosperous in the coming year. If you enjoy articles, share it with family and online friends.

Christmas has passed a New Year is here again, waistlines become enlarged, bank accounts have shrunk. New bills are in the waiting to be paid. New Year resolutions have made to do many things and to stop doing many things. Some people may follow through with the resolution they’ve made others may not. Achievements don’t come about on saying you are going to do, or about thinking of doing—nevertheless, thinking of achieving something starts with an idea, which is always at the forefront of achievement. The basis for accomplishment with any idea is based on the kind of action taken to achieve that accomplishment.

Before taking action, certain things may appear to be stacked up against you, but because there are always different ways to do things, don’t worry, find a certain way to do things differently. Also, don’t worry about what other people are thinking about what you are trying to accomplish. Worrying about what others think or feel about you, can prevent you from taking the initiative to do what you have to do.

You may feel you haven’t the talent you need, or as much experience, or haven’t the funds to do what you want. You may not have the connection for getting the kind of assistance you need, accept those shortfalls, and refuse to make them a hindrance. Whatever hindrance or obstacles you might face, even against all the odds, know and believe that you have powers within you to handle every situation and for overcoming life’s difficulties, problems and whatever hindrances may arise.

Attitudes and ambition also have a lot to do with achievement. Ambition will make you do what it takes to reach your goals. Therefore, one of the best ways to succeed is to be ambitious and outperform.

Know that to be victorious you might fail, regard failure is a part of doing for achieving victory. Develop an attitude that no matter what, as long as you are persistence, you can always do more to become victorious. Commit yourself to work and do more than you have done before, so that you can achieve the kind of successful life you want.

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The Battles

Many people are unaware there are many different kinds of battles going on simultaneously in the world daily. These battles are, physical, mental, social, psychological, spiritual, religious, economical, and the fight to stay healthy and alive are being fought daily by every individual. Without resilience and self perseverance many people would lose, either one or a few of those battles. kb www.mindprocess.co.uk/blog


Summer Outdoor Barbeque and Grilling.

Summer holiday season is coming, a time to do barbecue grilling in the back yard. Take extra care with food, especially with meat and frozen food at the summer outdoor barbecue. Thoroughly defrost …

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To Brexit or to Stay In

Some European friend asked me how I am going to vote in the UK-EU referendum. That is a question not only the majority of people in the UK and Europe is asking and contemplating, whether to be in, or to be out of the EU. I told my European friends I really don’t know how I am going to vote. I haven’t yet made up my mind. The politicians don’t know what will happen, and if the people in the UK vote leave the EU neither are they able to predict the outcome. This referendum has split political parties, and has brought political enemies to join forces. One side says vote to stay in, and the other side says, vote to get out. Both sides are spreading fear and scaring people. They keep repeating and spinning the same panic about what might or might not happen.

Those who want to stay in, scares people about the uncertainties of leaving, and about the financial risks that is involved. The leave EU campaigner’s side is telling people how much money UK could save when we leave, how UK could have the right to trade with other countries freely, and how the UK could have a more secure border. If the UK vote to get out of the EU, the truth is, no one really knows what will happen or what will not happen.

The controversy in the UK to leave the EU is cause by the EU ministers, who constantly bring in new rules, and regulations, some good, and some seem rather balmy. The majority of politicians seldom considers the opinions of people they regard as ordinary who voted them into power. Politicians have a habit of not listening to public opinions, and EU minister is no different. They alienate the ordinary man and women with EU directives, regulations, and policies people don’t like and disregard the majority of people’s opinions and views. For those reasons, if the UK votes to leave the EU another European country might feel they too should hold a referendum to leave. That is when unseen consequences will rear its head.

The other question; is the EU ministers listening and paying attention to what the people in the UK who want to leave the EU is saying.

I have lived and worked in different countries in Europe, I would like other young people in the UK to have the same opportunity to live and work freely in all of Europe. I have families in Europe and many European friends. All of that helps me to make up my mind to vote for staying in. KB

You Owe Yourself and Your Family To Eat Healthy Meals

Although sometime is can be difficult to prepare and cook fresh meals every day. You owe it to yourself and your family to eat healthy to live a long vigorous flourishing life. Eating out and having fast food and takeaways is really no substitute for home cooking fresh food. However, eating out doesn’t mean the food is unhealthy. It means the food you are going to eat out, you have no control over how it is sourced, prepared and cooked. Still, you can check that the food you are going to eat out in restaurants or fast food if it is nutritious and healthy.

Whenever you buy ready-made food for you and your family to eat, check that the food haven’t got too much added salt, saturated fat, (oil) and sugar. Added sugars and salt is defined as extra sugars and salt used in processed or prepared foods to sweeten beverages, fruit drinks, dairy products, desserts, candy, ready-to-eat cereals, cakes and breads, not natural sugar found in fruits and fruit juices. Make the effort to cut down on the intake of too much salt, fat and sugar.

Radically change what you eat, and think about what you are going to eat. Add more herbs, spices and lemon as a substitute for salt. Use more garlic, chilli, black pepper and thyme in seasoning. Be aware that fresh herbs also add colour and flavour to food.

You don’t have to prepare and cook a balance diet every day, neither does it have to take too long or expensive. If you haven’t got the time to cook every day and are going to cook food from scratch, the trick is to buy enough food, for you to prepare and cook enough to leave for other days. Don’t discard or throw away leftover. Leftover can be used other days to turn into stews, soups and curries.

You can freeze leftover to use sometime later, and at the same time you can save on groceries. You can also prepare quick and easy food such as salads, pasta, steam vegetables, grilled meat and fish. Mediterranean and Jamaican food is regarded as nutritious and healthy. Medical research in food science says Mediterranean diet is food which consist of olive oil, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, seafood, white meats, and an occasional drink of red wine with meals. These studies showed that this diet also is effective in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes, and consuming nuts and fresh vegetables can significantly reduced high blood pressure and major cardiovascular problems (stroke, heart attack which can cause sudden death.)

You might find buying frozen, and tinned prepared food better than cooking from scratch, but try to avoid processed food which is high in salt, sugar and saturated fat. Research shows that is better for our health to eat the leanest meat, more vegetables, fruits, nuts whole grain. Extra and overripe fruits is also can use for making smoothie.

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